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Annual club membership fee

We charge an annual club membership fee which covers all family members living at the same address:

  • Full year (March-February): £17.50 per family
  • Half year (March-September or September-February): £9.00 per family

Members of the club will recieve a Koka Kids magazine 3 times a year

Session fees

We charge a small fee each week for training. This helps us cover the ongoing costs of running the club, hiring the venue, lighting, heating and other incidental expenses.

For our club members the session fee is:

  • Under 8s and Juniors in full-time education (up to 18 years): £2.00
  • Seniors (over 16 and employed): £2.50

For non-members the fees are: 

  • Under 8s and Juniors in full-time education (up to 18 years): £4.00
  • Seniors (over 16 and employed): £5.00

Judo Licence

It is essential that you obtain a British Judo Association licence as soon as possible after you have completed a beginners’ course.Most importantly, your Judo licence provides you with insurance cover in the event of any accident either to you, or any injury you may cause to another player.

It is a requirement of our own club insurance that we cannot allow anyone to participate in Judo without a valid licence. The British Judo Association has more information about insurance.

Your Judo licence is also a record book of your grading. As you progress through the Judo grading scheme, your coach will sign your licence to indicate which stage you have got to.

You can apply online for your first Judo licence at the BJA website. You must do this independently, and not through the club. Your licence is valid for twelve months and you can also renew it online.

There are lots of different options to suit all ages and there are discounts for family members living at the same address.  There is an introductory licence which is valid for three months – useful if you’re a beginner and not yet sure if you want to continue in the sport.

  • A new Junior Licence costs £26 for 12 months, including a judo diary to record your achievements or £10 for 4 months not including a judo diary

  • A new Senior Licence costs £37 for 12 months or £14 for 4 months

  • A new Student Youth Licence costs £21 for 12 months 

Note: Judo Diary’s cost £5 when purchased alone

Remember – no licence, no Judo!

Judo suit

You need to wear the right kit – it’s correct Judo etiquette. Your opponent won’t be able to practise correct Judo techniques on you if you’re not wearing the right gear. And if you look the part, you’ll play the part.

There are just three items:

  • Jacket
  • Trousers
  • Belt

In addition, girls should wear a white t-shirt under their jacket.

Your Judo suit has got to be tough. You’ll get picked up by it, thrown by it, pulled around by it, and held down by it. If you’re a senior player your opponent may even try to strangle you with it! All Judo suits are made of heavyweight 100% cotton, and securely stitched.

Note: Karate suits and clothing for other martial arts are NOT suitable. The jackets are just not strong enough and the material is too thin.

At the club we have a range of good quality, good value Judo suits available to buy at heavily discounted prices. The prices are so good that our coach won’t let me post them on the website! All I can say is that they are a fraction of the price that it is possible to pay elsewhere. Juniors can expect to have to pay no more than around £20.00.

From time to time we also have second-hand items available which are even better value.

All of our Judo suits can be purchased at our club training sessions. Occasionally certain sizes may be temporarily out of stock, but we’re always getting new items in.


Gradings which take place at the club (1st to 6th Mon) are currently £9.00, which includes a certificate and a badge for your Judo suit.

Competitive gradings (which take place outside the club) are currently £10.00 for juniors and £13.00 for seniors. The grading fee is payable on the day and are not refunded if you are unsuccessful in attaining a new grade.


Hollesley Judo Club organises several competitions each year which our players are encouraged to enter, particularly those with little or no competition experience. We normally charge an entry fee of around £3.50 for each player.

Fees for large competitions outside the club range between £10- £20

One benefit of being a member of Hollesley Judo Club is that we will contribute half of your competition fee to a competition outside the club. So a competition that might cost £10.00 to enter only costs you £5.00. However, we do ask you to reimburse the club’s contribution if you are unable to attend the event for whatever reason.

Please note that all competition fees, whether it’s for our own club competitions or for other events, are payable IN ADVANCE. Unlike gradings, you can’t just turn up on the day and expect to be able to compete.